Is Your Roller Shutter Door European Law Compliant?

Under the current Health and Safety regulations we have a responsibility to inform you to have all powered roller shutter doors maintained on a regular basis by a suitably qualified engineer and that a proper record is kept. Westcountry commercial doors & shutters maintenance contracts are specifically designed to cover you under the regulations and ensure you receive optimum safe performance from your gates or barrier.

It is, therefore, imperative that you ensure that every one of your company's sites fitted with any form of automated access equipment, without exception, is issued with a maintenance regime compliant with European Community Commission directives.

At Westcountry commercial doors & shutters we provide competitively priced service and maintenance contracts that will not only ensure that your company keeps on the right side of the law, but more importantly, will give you the peace of mind that your premises are protected by fully operational, maintained security and access control equipment.

Roller shutter door systems are generally exposed to all weather conditions and varying levels of use. As with all automation equipment a maintenance program will ensure the longest possible life of the equipment. Our company provides annual renewable maintenance contracts, which are detailed below.

Every maintenance / service visit will include:

  • Full service and maintenance checks where any faulty components can be repaired or replaced.
  • Spray and lube all mechanical parts.
  • Clean circuitry of dust and check all electrical connections.
  • Testing and diagnostics of all safety devices.
  • Adjustments of roller/shutter hardware such as springs and guides.
  • Check and clean roller/shutter.
  • The cost of all labour and consumables used for the service (excludes cost of parts).
  • Maintenance and fault report sheets with every site visit.

This service visit excludes the cost of any out of warranty parts required to repair the system and any accidental or malicious damage to the system or its operation. However, it does include a substantial 15% discount on any labour and parts required to repair the system within the period of the contract.

Bronze Service Plan

We will make one maintenance / service visit to your property per year.

Silver Service Plan

We will make two maintenance / service visits to your property per year.

Gold Service Plan

We will make three maintenance / service visits to your property per year. Highly recommended for Roller / Shutters that open 30 or more times per day.